serena_san (serena_san) wrote in wheretopierce,

Piercings for my friend..?

My close friend would like some more advice on piercings for her, so we came here…

“So, I’m 16 year old and I was planning on getting some piercings but I wanted some more opinions first. I wanted to get a septum most of all but I wasn’t sure if it would look good on me what do you think, could I pull it off?

Also I wanted to pierce my lips in some way, my first thought was that I should get snakebites [studs] but I don’t know, too generic?

So, then I thought maybe I should instead get an angel bite but I wasn’t sure so I went to spider bite. The only problem I could think of was that if I got a spider bite with my septum my face would not be symmetrical. Is that a problem or would it not matter? [it might just be me...]

Any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, maybe none of these piercings are right for me because I do understand how some people can’t pull off some things.

Four pictures of me~

I wear glasses if that means anything at all.

As for other piercings I automatically ruled out:

Dahlia piercing [Honestly, I just thought that would look like crap on me.]
Left/Right Labret [Them by themselves just seem completely random to me, I don’t really know why.]
Medusa [Way too hard to pull off and I don’t think I even want to go there.]
Monroe/Madonna [This by itself is too simple and girlie for my personal taste, maybe paired with something else.]

Thank you for the help in advance and sorry for the paragraph hahah [tmi?]”

So what do ya’ll think??
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