McFearless (kinda_famous) wrote in wheretopierce,

This place doesn't seem too active, but maybe I can get some help?

I want a new piercing. The problem is that I work with a company that is strictly no facial piercings, mainly because they can be distracting or even ripped out. (Short story is I work closely with toddlers and kids who can tend to be hard to communicate with and who can get very frustrated.) Girls do often (always) get away with tiny nose studs, but super-girlie isn't my thing when it comes to body mod.

SO, logical answer? SEPTUM! I have a two week break coming up for the holidays and I think that would be a perfect time to get the piercing, so that by the time I go back to work I can just turn it up and problem solved.

BUT the question is, could I pull it off?

It would be pretty small and subtle, as I realize that petite little features aren't always flattered by thick metal bars with large metal balls screwed on the end.

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yeah, you could pull it off.
go for it.

btw; your goregous
aww, thank you :)

Suspended comment

why thank you :)
i think i just may.
oh, you could so do it :D